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Summerland Key Park

Welcome to the unique 4 acre park in the heart of Summerland Key!  The park was created by the Hudgins family in 1957 for the enjoyment of the surrounding residents.  In 2014, Summerland Key Cove Park LLC purchased the property and put forth a tremendous effort to clean up, trim and maintain the park. 


Summerland Key Airport created the charitable Summerland Key Airport Foundation in 2023 and that charity purchased the park property.  In much the same way Summerland Key Airport protects, preserves, manages and improves the Summerland Key Airport, our Foundation is committed to protecting, preserving and improving this property as a park for the use of our community, and we are excited about the future of this property and the opportunity to work with our neighbors to strengthen our community and improve the safety and utility of the Summerland Key Park!  

The park's main amenity is Hudgins Lake that serves our community as a convenient place to launch and recover small-to-medium sized boats.  As we move forward with our vision of the park, we will create a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the park that will be funded by tax-deductible donations.

In the meantime, the maintenance of 4 acres of land in the Florida Keys is anything but free, and as our community collectively uses this property, our Foundation will need your help, both physically and financially to properly maintain it.  To start with, the recommended tax-deductible donations are as follows:

$250 annual membership

$10 per use of the boat ramp

$50 per event held at the park

All donations will go directly to the protection, preservation, management and improvement of the park.  Please fill out the contact form to the right (or below if you're using a phone) for our records and e-mail list so that we can keep everyone up to date about events, improvements and opportunities at the park!  

Thanks for submitting!

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