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Summerland Key Airport Featured in the News!

Location, Location, Location... Oh, and the Neighbors aren't bad, either!

It's surely a unique privilege to live next to a runway and a canal!  Flying magazine does a wonderful job describing the enticing elements of living on Summerland Key Airport!  It's a hot real estate market right now (hopefully this sentence ages well); so, keep an eye on the usual websites (zillow, realtor, etc) for available properties!  If you're just looking to visit, head over to our services page to see available properties to rent!  

No Passport Required!

Easily the best-kept secret of the Florida Keys, AOPA magazine showcases what makes our corner of paradise truly unique and a worthwhile investment or simply a destination for adventure unlike anywhere else on the planet!  The best part?  You don't even need to leave the country! 

P.S. Don't forget to watch the video!  

Summerland Key Airport Response to Hurricane Irma

In September of 2017, Summerland Key Airport conceived and coordinated with AeroBridge, Monroe County, nationwide charities and local first responders to successfully bring relief supplies into the hardest hit area of the Florida Keys and augment the Federal and State relief efforts.  AOPA magazine carried this article shortly afterward highlighting the efforts of all involved.  

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